MONHOUSE Dehumidifier 1500ml Portable, Compact & Quiet

MONHOUSE Dehumidifier 1500ml Portable

MONHOUSE Dehumidifier 1500ml Portable, Compact & Quiet Moisture Absorber – Mini Air Dehumidifier for Home, Bedroom Damp, Car, Office, Garage, Caravan & Basement – Electric Mould Remover – White/Blue

  • High-Efficiency Work: With Thermo-Electric double semiconductors, this dehumidifier offers twice the condensation effect as older models. MONHOUSE dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, eliminating mould, mildew, and other conditions that can be harmful to your health. The 50oz (1500ml) tank absorbs up to 500ml of water daily in a humid environment of 86°F and 80% RH. Our mini dehumidifier is suitable for rooms up to 15m2, giving you fresh air all day.
  • Auto Shut-Off Function: Our safe dehumidifier has only one power button, which makes it simple for everyone to use. To begin the dehumidifying process, click the on/off button (the light will switch on), then let it run on a continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full (the light will turn red). It has a full tank alert so it will automatically turn off to avoid overflow if you can’t get to it in time. You can run the dehumidifier again by emptying the water tank and returning to the unit.
  • Ultra-Quiet and Efficient:  When choosing a dehumidifier, it’s important to consider noise. The MONHOUSE Dehumidifier is quiet enough to let you sleep through the night, so light sleepers can get a good night’s sleep. It features Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology (Peltier) that operates without a compressor, which means whisper-quiet (39db) operation, allowing you to run it all day and night without any loud or disturbing noises. Ideal to use in your bedrooms, nursery room, and in your office.
  • Energy Saving & Efficient: With a power consumption of just 40W/hour, this mini dehumidifier is both powerful and energy efficient. It consumes only 0.96kW of electricity over 24 hours of use, and it's more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable than traditional units. Note: The dehumidifier works best when room temperatures are above 59°F and relative humidity is 80%. If the air temp is below 59? (15 ?), the effect of dehumidification is not obvious. It will NOT work below 41°F (5 ?).
  • Save Space and Portable: This portable, compact, and powerful dehumidifier helps you improve air quality and create a fresh and clean environment. Perfect for areas with high humidity in your home such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, caravan, garage and even in your walk-in closet, preventing mould on your clothing, keepsakes, and linens. The size (22 x 16 x 30 cm) and light weight (2kg), making it easy to store and move from one area to another, as it occupies a very small space.
Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: 22 x 15.7 x 32.7 cm; 2 Kilograms
Colour: White/Blue

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