The cheapest MacBook deal of Black Friday so far

The 2020 M1 MacBook Air is at its lowest EVER price over on Amazon in the Black Friday sales. The super sleek laptop with the Apple M1 Chip, a 13in Retina display, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD in gold is now just GBP820 on the e-retail platform, despite usually shifting with an average price point of GBP900. While it hasn't reached its RRP days of yore at GBP999 for a while, that still marks savings of GBP80.

A near-10% discount on a MacBook really is gold dust (unless you can avail yourself of Apple's student discount). As ever, when it comes to an investment this big, don't be reeled in by price trims alone, no matter how infrequent. The MacBook Air is a thing of beauty, receiving the five-star seal of approval from our Head of Reviews Jonathan Bray in our full-length M1 MacBook Air (2020) review.

His exact words? "Leaves its rivals in the dust." Buy now from Amazon

In particular, we were impressed with its zippy speed - facilitated by the Apple M1 Chip - making for excellent, and quiet, performance. A lean chassis and lightweight design are part of the MacBook Air's raison d'etre, and the 2020 model does not disappoint.

The model is constructed from aluminium and boasts the slim wedge profile that has become synonymous with the Air range. A notable plus is the Magic Keyboard upgrade, shedding the butterfly mechanism keyboard that so many took umbrage with. The delightful Force Touch trackpad makes for pleasant usage, meanwhile.

Buy now from Amazon

If you're hankering after the divisive Touch Bar, you won't find it on the M1 MacBook Air, though most people won't be too put out by this.

For a "lightning-quick" machine embodied in the timeless Apple design that's both lightweight and quiet to boot, this is a cracking ultraportable laptop at a record low price.