Google’s Black Friday begins with price drops on the Chromecast and Nest devices

Google's Black Friday is off to a flying start. We've already seen some cracking deals on Google smartphones in the run-up to Black Friday (one of which we've included below), but now the various other Google devices are also beginning to succumb to the Black Friday madness. From smart speakers to Chromecasts, there's discounts to be had on the absolute best of Google's product lineup.

With that in mind, we've been busy trawling the virtual aisles of online retailers to cherry pick the best Google Black Friday deals around. This is what we've found.

The best Google Black Friday deals

1. Google Pixel 7 + GBP100 Currys voucher (GBP26/mth + GBP25 upfront, 100GB data)

Grab this year's Google flagship phone for a total lifetime cost of GBP649 at Currys. The Pixel 7 is one of our favourite Android smartphones, with a stunning camera, clean Google UI and much improved battery life helping earn the phone five stars and a Best Buy award.

Be sure to enter code ER10 to knock GBP10 off the cost. Buy now from

2. Google Nest Mini (was GBP30, now GBP20)

If you're beginning to transform your house into a smart home, you'll want a few of Google's excellent Nest Mini smart speakers scattered about the place. There's no better time to pick one up than Black Friday - the latest iteration is currently just GBP20. 

Buy now from Currys

3. Google Nest Audio (was GBP90, now GBP60)

If you want the same Google Assistant experience as the Nest Mini in a larger, better-sounding package, why not pick up the Google Nest Audio for a hefty GBP30 discount at Currys for Black Friday? Buy now from Currys

4. Google Nest Hub (was GBP90, now GBP45)

Alternatively - or in addition, if you're building a proper smart home - Google's Nest Hub is on offer for a healthy 50% discount. It has the same smarts as the Nest speakers with a 7in LCD screen that can show weather reports, basic Google searches, calendars/reminders and even the feed from your video doorbell.

Buy now from Currys

5. Google Nest Hub Max (was GBP220, now GBP170)

The Nest Hub Max performs the same tasks as its dinky sibling but has a larger 10in touchscreen with an ambient light sensor. Like the Nest Hub, the Hub Max has a 6.5MP front-facing camera for video calls, but we reckon a larger screen is better suited to a catch-up with distant relatives or work colleagues. Buy now from Currys

6. Google Chromecast HD (was GBP35, now GBP25)

The Google Chromecast is a sleek, intuitive streaming stick with a bundled voice remote that's ideal for older TVs with knackered or non-existent smart capabilities.

It was a little expensive at launch, but this discount takes care of that. Buy now from Currys

7. Google Chromecast 4K (was GBP60, now GBP40)

If you have a 4K TV and enjoy Google's Assistant and user interface more than the sluggish one built into your TV, the Chromecast 4K is well worth your time. It's currently going for a very reasonable GBP40, only GBP15 more than the HD model above.

Buy now from Currys

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