Best Black Friday TV deals

As the Black Friday holiday week kicks off in earnest, TV deals are already in full swing. Shop smart, and you can score a great TV bargain if you know what to buy. We’ve scoured all the major online retailers to find the best holiday TV deals, including Black Friday sales.

Our method is simple: Using our list of the best TVs as a guide, we find the best TVs available at the steepest discounts, looking for a variety of price points and technologies. TechHive’s straightforward explanation of what TV sizes matter, TV display types and display technologies, and LCD backlighting tech can help inform your choices from what we’ve uncovered below. Also, if you’re looking for deals in other tech categories, check out PCWorld’s complete Black Friday coverage.

Best Black Friday budget TV deals

Best Black Friday premium TV deals

OLED TVs are known for their deep, inky blacks, and we really think that the Sony 55-inch Bravia OLED from Best Buy offers what you want: a sizeable TV with a premium display technology at a steep discount.

Strongly consider it, as well as the QLED tech that drives the TCL 55-inch model from Amazon. But if you want a smaller model, the LG A2 is way cheaper! The two Samsung TU690T displays prioritize screen size.

Sony’s 4K Full Array XR65X90K is priced a bit higher, but its full-array local dimming is a compromise between an LED-lit TV and OLED, and will simply look a bit better than the other budget TVs–it’s also at an all-time low price.

We also like the Hisense U7H, as it also offers local dimming, a 120Hz refresh rate, and has some newer features that include an absolutely brilliant backlight that can improve HDR viewing.

I personally bought the Hisense 55-inch A65H earlier this year — a great TV, but one that I ultimately did not keep because it does have a somewhat low flicker rate that my wife’s migraines are sensitive to.