Best Black Friday SSD deals

As we approach the final stretch to Black Friday, the good prices for SSDs continue to stack up. In contrast to last year, these deals are downright exciting. Case in point: a 2TB NVMe drive for just £80. (Still!)

But with discounts everywhere, it can be hard to distinguish the excellent SSD deals from the ho-hum. That's where we come in. Below is a list of the best SSD deals you can pick up at the moment.

These drives are not only well-rated and popular, but they're at or very near all-time low prices, too.

Best early Black Friday 2.5-inch SATA SSD deals

A SATA SSD is a smart purchase regardless if you're upgrading from an HDD or seeking an affordable SSD to expand your PC's storage. It's an even better when you can save a ton of cash. A standout among the deals is the Samsung 870 Evo: Popular for its rock-solid reliability, it's hit an all-time low price across several capacities.

But don't count out other brands, especially if you have a niche need. The WD Green drive on sale is a low-power model, making it better suited for laptops.

Best early Black Friday M.2 NVMe SSD deals

Depending on where you live, Micro Center's crazy in-store discount on a 2TB NVMe SSD (just £80!) is still available. Stock is extremely low now, with very few locations still offering this screaming deal.

Plenty of other excellent discounts can be found online, too. Whether you need a wallet-friendly budget model or one with blistering speed, you can find something. We're eyeing the SK Hynix models, as both the blistering fast Gen 4 P41 and still speedy Gen 3 P31 at all-time lows.

The P41 is an especially great deal, given that's not only cheaper than the better known Samsung 980 Pro, but is faster in benchmarks, too. PlayStation 5 console owners should consider pairing a SK Hynix P41 with this be Quiet! low-profile heatsink for a high-performing SSD that'll work with the PS5's expansion slot. It has faster performance than rival options like the Samsung 980 Pro and Crucial P5 Plus.

However, if cost is an issue, the 1TB Crucial P5 Plus deal at Best Buy, which includes a low-profile heatsink, is your cheapest option.