Windows 11’s 2022 Update is wreaking havoc with PC gamers

If you're the kind of PC owner who measures their peace of mind in frames per second, don't be too quick to apply the latest update to Windows 11. The just-released Windows 11 2022 Update[1] is causing a lot of bugs and performance issues, particularly in machines with Nvidia graphics cards. That's according to a host of users on Reddit[2] and other spots around the web.

The complaints are now widespread enough that there's definitely something behind them, even if it isn't clear yet quite what it is. Early adopters on Reddit and elsewhere are complaining of higher-than-normal CPU usage, resulting in significant stuttering and a drop in frames per second in a variety of games. Others report audio glitches and the occasional full system crash, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, according to Windows Latest[3].

Despite the vehement outcry, these problems might be affecting only a small percentage of users. However many Windows Insiders experienced the problem, it wasn't enough to stop the sizeable update from heading out into the general population (or, to be fair, it's possible that Microsoft's engineers decided to kick the can down to Nvidia post-release). Of course, that would be little comfort to the users who are seeing the issue, and don't have an easy way to fix it.

However widespread it is, Nvidia is aware of the problem, and presumably working on a driver-level fix via an update.

In the meantime, some users are finding relief by killing the NVIDIA FrameView SDK service in the Task Manager and rebooting their system.

If troubles persist, you can roll back the 2022 Update[4] and wait for these wrinkles to be ironed out.


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