Wood Saw Precision Grinding Tree Trimmer With Saw Blade

Wood Saw Precision Grinding Tree Trimmer With Saw Blade Extra Long Telescopic Pruning Fruit Picker Gardening Tools Hand Saw Branch Saw

1. This handy retractable tree trimmer is perfect for cutting tall branches without climbing a ladder.
2. Fully hardened precision ground trimming blades stay sharp even with heavy use.
3. Double pulley system, cutting dense branches with the least effort, saving at least 25% effort.
4. It is easy to install and disassemble without tools. High quality spring, will not deform and break. Wear-resistant and durable.

  • 【High Quality Material】 All saw blade teeth in this tool are high frequency heat treated, high quality material is selected to ensure the saw blade is more durable and stronger.
  • 【Powerful】with telescopic function. It is easy to cut tall branches. With anti-rust coating, it can be reused for a long time. Made of high-quality materials, more sturdy.
  • 【Wide Use】It can be used to pick fruits in high places without climbing ladders, and it can also be used to trim branches in high places. It is the best choice for garden tools.
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Weight: 700 g
Part: MAJUE168168
Colour: Onecolor
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: MAJUE168168
Colour: Onecolor
Quantity: 1
Reference: MAJUE168168