Telescopic Pruning Saw with Curved Tree Saw Extendable

Telescopic Pruning Saw with Curved Tree Saw Extendable Telescopic Rod Saw 24FT/7.2M for Pruning and Trimming Branches Cutting Leaves Garden Landscaping Fruit Tree Saw Gardening Tool

Why choose our telescopic pole saw
The telescopic pole saw, constructed with aluminum alloy pole and steel saw, perfect for pruning and trimming branches and leaves. The telescopic pole saw is ideal for trimming branches at higher position without ever climbing a ladder.
This high-cut saw allows you to cut and maintain woody plants in your hands. This work can be done on a solid foundation! ! ! The feet are on the ground without any danger.
Product Name: Telescopic pole saw
Material: metal/Light Aluminum
Blade material: 65Mn steel
Type: Anvil
Surface treatment: PTFE coating
Uses: branch cutting
Trimming tool type: Trimming saw
Handle handle size: 24FT/7.2M
Weight: 2.6kg
Features: non-slip, foldable handle, FSC, length, telescopic handle
Package Content:
1 x Telescopic Pole + 1 x Pruning Saw
Important note: Using advanced hand saws, you must practice mastering woodcuts! If in doubt, please ask us before ordering-is this telescopic saw length suitable for the intended use!

  • Ultra-hard saw blade: The entire saw module consists of a metal housing, special and premium grinding tooth blades/all components. The screws are guaranteed entirely of very hard metal.
  • Adjustable: The metal quick release aluminum telescopic rod can be infinitely adjusted, from 215cm to a maximum length of 720cm, It also offers built-in anti-twist protection for greater safety. The contoured tubular structure provides additional stability and a pleasant grip.
  • Products include: professional aluminum telescopic rod * 1, branch saw * 1.
  • FEATURES: Two great uses in One saw! Use as a pole saw for pruning high or hand-held saw for pruning and grooming low. Scalable to the length you need, the long saw is very suitable for cutting and pruning branches and leaves.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Our set of high-twig saws provide useful support for wood maintenance in trees, yards, courtyards, gardens, forests and corridors.