SpeedComfort Starter Set Single: Smart Heater Fan

SpeedComfort Starter Set Single: Smart Heater Fan for heaters – Long-Life Heater Booster for underheaters and radiators – to Save Energy and Heating Costs

Get your room to the right temperature in half the time; set your thermostat 1-2 degrees lower without compromising comfort SpeedComforts accelerate the transfer of heat from a radiator or convector into a room, and distribute the heat evenly The supply temperature of the water in the heating system can be lowered thanks to SpeedComforts You can save up to 22% on gas consumption thanks to SpeedComfort The SpeedComfort is a Dutch product SpeedComforts are put together by people who are disadvantaged in the labour market The power supply is lossless, which means you do not consume power if the SpeedComfort is not working SpeedComforts cost less than €0.16 for electricity per year How many do I need? One SpeedComfort moves approximately 30 m3 of air per hour. The air in a room should preferably circulate once per hour. Calculation example: a living room measuring 5 metres wide, 8 metres long and 3 metres high has a capacity of 120 m3. In this case, a Trio set with an Extension set, or two Duo sets are required. In a bedroom, one SpeedComfort (a Monoset) will usually be more than enough.

  • Sustainability The energy-efficient heating fan improves the release of warm air to the environment, doubling the heating capacity. This faster and more efficient operation allows the thermostat to turn off sooner. Thanks to the better heat distribution, you save up to 22% on your gas costs.
  • More comfort: Thanks to the increased air circulation and improved heat distribution, the heat rises faster and more evenly in the room. Thanks to the quiet drive of the SpeedComfort fan heater, the quietness in the home is not disturbed.
  • Easy install: The fan heater is very easy to install and suitable for almost all radiators. Once installed, the SpeedComfort works independently with a temperature sensor so that no electricity is consumed when switched off and only 0.55 KWH per SpeedComfort per year is consumed when switched on.
  • Automatic operation: Thanks to an external thermostat switch, the SpeedComfort automatically starts operating when the radiator reaches 35 degrees and automatically switches off when the radiator cools down to 25 degrees. Several units connected in series are controlled by one thermostat switch.
  • SpeedComfort: The Dutch company has made it its mission to help as many households as possible save energy and heating costs with this innovative fan heater. The focus is on a significant reduction of CO2 emissions through intelligent heating.
Weight: 570 g
Dimensions: 39.79 x 8.9 x 8.7 cm; 570 Grams
Manufacture: SpeedComfort