Professional Telescopic Pole Saws, Tree Pruners Extendable

Professional Telescopic Pole Saws, Tree Pruners Extendable Pruning Saw Gardening Bypass Landscaping Branch Saw Lopper Tools with Steel Blade Saw and Nylon Cord (Size : 18FT)

Why choose our telescopic pole saw
The telescopic pole saw, constructed with aluminum alloy pole and steel saw, perfect for pruning and trimming branches and leaves. The telescopic pole saw is ideal for trimming branches at higher position without ever climbing a ladder.
This high-cut saw allows you to cut and maintain woody plants in your hands. This work can be done on a solid foundation! ! ! The feet are on the ground without any danger.
Product Name: Telescopic pole saw
Material: metal
Handle material: aluminum handle
Blade material: SK5
Sawn timber: 65Mn steel
Finishing: PTFE coating
Elongation: 5.4M/18FT
Features: non-slip handle, long, telescopic
Packing size: 198*13*6 cm
Products include: 1 x telescopic pole+1 x pruning saw
Important note: Using high-profile garden tools for pruning shears, it can be used directly in any environment with a little practice.

  • Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum.
  • The sturdy 65Mn blade of the pruning shears cuts quickly and cleanly. For thicker branches, you can also use the saw included in the delivery, which can be easily screwed in.
  • The practical flap lock system can easily adjust the telescopic pruning shears to any height.
  • Free connection, fixed by steel buckle, perfect closure, easy to install and disassemble.
  • The soft cushion handle increases comfort and helps you reduce the burden of long hours of work.