NRS Healthcare Folding EasyFit Bed Guard P42434 White

NRS Healthcare Folding EasyFit Bed Guard P42434 White, Replaces Nottingham Nightguard Safety Guard, SMSIT-P42434

This NRS Healthcare Folding EasyFit Bed Guard P42434 is a new and improved version of our popular Nottingham Nightguard bed rail & is designed to stop the user from rolling out of bed. The EasyFit Bed Guard is simply positioned under the mattress where it is held in place by the weight of the user, so there are no fiddly straps to fit or adjust with this product. Our new version of this product has an adjustable length of rail at the side of the bed making it easier to get in and out of bed, runs under the full width of the mattress making it safer and has a removable mesh cover with pockets ideal for personal items, tv remote etc.

As the rail is now an adjustable length, this makes it much easier for the user to get into or out of bed as required. Just push the button clip and push the EasyFit Bed Guard to the shortest length to get into bed, then push the button again and pull the rail out full length for better protection along the side of the bed. The whole top part of the rail can also be unclipped and fully removed, making it easier to change the bed, without having to remove the whole bed guard from position. Please note that this product is not designed to be used to support the user’s bodyweight, it is to stop the user rolling out of bed.

The base of the new EasyFit Bed Guard is also adjustable to fit beds from single to king size, offering 4 pre-set positions for these, and also works with either divan or slatted beds. The base can be extended from single size to the width of a king size bed, making it safer when in place as it runs under the full width of the mattress to hold it in place. The base of the guard fits under the bed’s mattress, and is simply held in place by the weight of the user, with no fiddly straps to fit. Should be fitted at least 32cm (12.5”) away from the head or footboard of the bed, and as close as possible to the edge of the mattress for safety.

The new EasyFit Bed Guard is supplied with a mesh safety cover, which has handy pockets in the side for personal items such as mobile phone, medication, hand cream etc or other items such as a TV remote, iPad, book. The mesh cover is easily removable for cleaning, just hand wash in warm water as needed.

Made from lightweight, powder coated steel the EasyFit Bed Guard is finished in modern white to blend in with your existing furnishings. Easy to wipe clean using a neutral detergent in warm water, then dry with a clean cloth. Please note: this product is supplied flat packed, and is easy to assemble with no tools or special skills required although you may need a second person to help to adjust the base width or reposition the bed mattress when fitting.

Suitable for divan or slatted beds, from single to king size.
Not suitable for children, or for use on height adjustable or profiling beds.

Product Measurements & Specification:

Length of rail, longest: 103.7cm (41“)
Length of rail, shortest: 63.2cm (25“)
Gaps between rails: 10cm (4”)

Total Height: 48.4cm (approx. 19”). Please note usable height of this product will vary depending on the depth of mattress. The height of the rail will be 48.4cm (approx. 19”) minus depth of your mattress. So please check before you purchase this product. The distance between on the top and bottom rails is approx. 28cm (11″). But not all of this may not be above the level of your mattress. This product is a fixed height.

Product Weight: 5.5 kg (12.2 lb)

Box Contains

1 x NRS Folding EasyFit Bed Guard P42434 White

  • Nrs folding easy fit bed guard P42434 in white, replaces Nottingham night guard safety guard
  • Stops user rolling out of bed increasing safety, mesh safety cover with handy pockets
  • Easy to fit under mattress, simply held in place by user’s weight
  • Adjustable length rail, Max. 103.7 cm (41 inch), fixed height 48.4 cm (19 inch)
  • Fits single to king size beds, with slatted or divan bases
Weight: 0.5 Kilograms
Brand: NRS Healthcare