Honor’s first global tablet launches today, meet the Pad 8

(Pocket-lint) - Alongside the launch of the Honor 70 smartphone[1], the brand also launched the Pad 8, which is the first Honor tablet to reach our shores. The Honor Pad 8 is a 12-inch tablet[2] with a 2K LCD display and it runs MagicUI 6.1.

- The screen-to-body ratio is impressive and the bezels are just 7.2mm thick, which is narrower than the bezels on the iPad Pro[3].

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We rank and rate the top options in this comprehensive guide. The tablet utilises a 10:6 aspect ratio, and Honor[4] says this results in smaller black bars when watching typical 16:9 content. It weighs 520 grams and is only 6.9mm thick, but it's worth noting that there's a small camera bump on the rear.

The Pad 8 has a metal unibody design with rounded corners and is only available in the "blue hour" colourway - though we think it's quite attractive.

It's powered by the Snapdragon 680 processor, so it's not a gaming powerhouse, but likely more than fast enough for content consumption and productivity tasks. Speaking of content consumption, the Pad 8 houses eight speakers with DTS:X Ultra[5] Hi-Res audio support, so your Netflix[6] sessions should pack a punch. The Pad 8 launches at the affordable price of GBP269.99 and will be available from Honor's website on August 26 and on Amazon[7] from September 2 2022.

Writing by Luke Baker.


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