HGJDKSJ Cordless Chainsaw, Mini Electric Chain Saw, Chain

HGJDKSJ Cordless Chainsaw, Mini Electric Chain Saw, Chain Saws for Trees Battery Powered, Logging Pruning Saw, Gardening Tools, Hand Saw for Branches

Whether pruning branches in the yard or cutting firewood outdoors, our chainsaw can do the job. (Except for oversized trees)

Lightweight body, can be operated with one hand.
Non-slip handle design, long-time holding without fatigue.
Pure copper motor, fast cutting speed and high efficiency.
Smart safety switch, LED lighting.
Intelligent circuit control card, overload protection can meet your different design needs.
The special guide plate and tungsten steel ball do not need to be lubricated, so the machine will reduce the resistance during operation and reduce the wear of the machine.
High-quality guide chain, deep quenched, wear-resistant, smooth cutting.

Rated: 220V
Battery power: 500W
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
Guide plate length: 100MM
Full length: 280MM
Chain speed: 6000 / min
Weight: 700g
Battery life: 1.5 hours

The package includes:
1 * chainsaw
1 * battery
1 *charger
1 * Wrench
1 * Screwdriver
1 *User Manual

  • ❤️ Efficient cutting: Multifunctional electric saw can cut wood quickly (the specific value depends on the actual size and hardness of the wood). The serrated design allows the chainsaw to grasp the branches and cut more efficiently and faster. Ideal for cutting wood, pruning branches and gardening.
  • ❤️ Powerful power system: This cordless chain saw uses a high-quality guide chain and is deeply quenched to ensure a smooth cutting effect. In addition, a pure copper motor is also used with strong power. Cutting efficiency is higher and faster.
  • ❤️ Ergonomic design: The integrated guide plate has fast heat dissipation, anti-fall and wear resistance. The non-slip handle design is very comfortable to hold. The chain saw switch can adjust the speed according to the intensity or the required cutting speed according to the operating conditions.
  • ❤️ One-handed operation: This small chainsaw weighs only about 0.7 kg and the total length is only about 28 cm (11 inches). The rechargeable chainsaw is light and portable, has a long battery life and will not damage the bark. It can be held with one hand and it is easy to work long hours.
  • ❤️ High-quality after-sales service: Our after-sales service specialist will reply to your message within 24 hours to solve your problem. ZHANGZHENZHENshop provides you with more high-quality products, and you can also enjoy an excellent shopping experience.
Dimensions: 30 x 12 x 11 cm; 700 Grams
Part: 100539-358495
Manufacture: HGJDKSJ
Reference: 100539-358495