Stabila BST-K-M, Construction Tripod with Crank Column


  • BST-K-M construction tripods with crank column: removable tripod head for safe, convenient assembly. Function-oriented lift system allows the air-cushioned shutdown when releasing the column lock.
  • Tripod legs has spikes and rotating hard rubber cap for scratch-free indoor use. Spreader protection with high quality chain.
  • Stabila BST-K-M, construction tripod with crank column. Height: 69 – 170 cm, Weight: 6 kg. Art. No. 18195.

Product description

The tripod is one of the most important additional instruments when working with laser devices. Depending on the type and height of the tripod, it is possible to level out almost all heights from approx. 50 cm to 285 cm horizontally with the aid of a tripod and the attached laser device. Modern tripods are made of aluminum and are therefore very light but at the same time very stable. The different leg extension lock designs, also allow quick alignment of the tripod on uneven ground. With the crank column, even heavy lasers can be conveniently and exactly brought to the desired reference height.

SKU: B00AK8430U
Weight: 5.69 kg
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 75 cm; 5.69 Kilograms
Model: 18195
Manufacture: Stabila