Lego’s All-New Majestic Tiger Set Has A “Naughty” Piece

The Lego Majestic Tiger set is an artistic masterpiece, but you probably won't be able to focus on the intricate details of the design with all of that pink rectum in front of your face. The Majestic Tiger is a carnivorous mammal that has the body of a big cat with the stripes and face of a small house cat. This fabulous set includes everything you'll need to make a detailed and surprisingly lifelike rendition of a tiger - complete with anus!

Note the exquisite attention to detail: This is a "first" in Lego history and a great moment for all of mankind.

Consider the endless design meetings that took place among Lego engineers before creating this masterpiece of biological accuracy! We at the Hammer and Nigel Show applaud Lego for their courage with this groundbreaking design.

As a result, children all across the fruited plain are now happily searching through their Legos to find that little pink rosebud.