New Lego shop to expand in near future

Brick Lane, in St Cuthbert's Lane, opened its doors a month ago. It is run by Leigha Middleton, who also runs the online Lego shop Bricks in Bloom. Bricks and Bloom was set up in 2018 and its success has led to the start of the physical shop.

Leigha said: "We did the pop-up shop in The Lanes and that went very well. We had it last Christmas and during the summer. "It went really well so we just thought we'd do our own."

The online store has been particularly popular, but Leigha said that the location on St Cuthbert's Lane meant that there weren't as many passers by dropping in. She said: "It's sometimes good and it's sometimes not. "So weekends are really good and our opening day was really good.

"I did loads of social media and lot's of freebies." The shop sells different Lego sets, but is more focused on smaller items which children can buy with their pocket money. Leigha said: "Kids can make their own mini-figure and they can put the mini-figure in a bauble.

"We're talking 20p, 50p type pieces for that. The kids can come in every week and make their own." But it has not only been children who have been interested.

"We had a mum whose little boy had died and she came in and made her own figure that looked like him and put it in the bauble." Only part of Brick Lane is open at the moment, with the second half of the shop still being worked on. Leigha has big plans for the second room.

"We're going to have a play area. "There'll be pits of Lego for them to play in and we're going to have a whole wall of base plates so that they can put their creations on the wall and keep them there for a while. "We're planning to do some Lego craft workshops."

She added: "My staff members are passionate about Lego.

"I love working with children and love working with the people that I'm working with."