EMKE 700 x 500mm Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror LED Mirrors Light with Touch Control Switch + Demister

About this item

  • LED lighting: The cold light has 6500k (with touch switch and demister).
  • Touch switch: The button lights up milky white when switched on – and subtle blue when switched off.
  • The mirror lighting has the latest LED technology. With low power consumption, you can enjoy natural lighting in the bathroom.
  • The mirror is sanded and polished, all edges are well processed and the shape is in a contemporary design. The high-quality material and professional processing guarantee a safety guarantee for mirror mounting. The mirror surface is polished to get the desired smoothness and shine of the mirrors.
  • A safe and undamaged delivery is a priority for us. The LED mirrors are safely packed. Each mirror is packaged in a high quality reinforced cardboard box. This affects delivery in an undamaged condition.