Sylvanian Families – Beechwood Hall (4531)

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About this item

  • Beech wood hall is the ideal family home for Sylvanians
  • Two working lights and opens up to reveal five rooms
  • Walnut squirrel family live in this house
  • It can be connected with cosy cottage starter home and many other Sylvanian buildings
  • Suitable for ages three years to 10 years
Dimensions: 20 x 5.5 x 15 cm; 3.4 Kilograms
Model: 4531
Material: Wood
Pack Quantity: 12
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: No
Age: 36 months – 11 years
Assembly: No
Material: Wood
Quantity: 12

From the manufacturer


Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

This house has real lights!

Lights on the downstairs and upstairs ceilings can be turned on and off in the rooms. The house can be opened and closed and you can attach the stairs, floor, balcony and railings in different places. Enjoy hours of fun with this great house with cosy lighting.

This luxurious Sylvanian Families house has five rooms spread across two floors. Beechwood Hall comes complete with a reversible floor panel, which can be used to add additional living space or even create a makeshift garden. Boasting an impressive balcony, this house also has a moveable staircase with eight balustrades. The unique selling point of Beechwood Hall is that it is connectable to the Cosy Cottage – a first-time buyer favourite amongst Sylvanian Families collectors – making this a great property for those looking to grow their Sylvanian Village. Beechwood Hall has two working lights which can be operated individually and these required 2*AA batteries which are not included.

Arrange the furniture to make a beautiful home!

Your Sylvanian friends can read a bed time story in the children’s room.

Your Sylvanian friends can relax on the big terrace and enjoy gardening or sunbathing.

Your Sylvanian friends can invite all our friends and have fun in the beautiful courtyard of the house.

You can open or close the house!

Enjoy all kinds of layouts!

Attach the stairs, railings and balcony in different places.

Enjoy all kinds of layouts!

Attach the stairs, railings and balcony in different places.

Enjoy all kinds of layouts!

Flip over the floor to make a garden.

Add a wide range of other products for even more fun!

Combine with other products!

Combine Beechwood Hall with the Cosy Cottage Starter Home (sold separately) to make a bigger house.

House with a driveway

Flip over the floor to make a driveway to park the Family Saloon Car (sold separately).

Add more lights

Add the Home Interiors Set (sold separately) to brighten up the rooms even more.

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This house with a charming red roof is the Chocolate Rabbit family’s home. Comes in a set with the Chocolate Rabbit sister and various furniture so you can start playing right away! This car can fit up to 5 characters. Pull out the front bumper to make a picnic table, where your Sylvanian friends can enjoy a picnic with items included in the set! A set of furniture for the children’s bedroom. A great set to use with the Cosy Cottage Starter Home! The baby of the Walnut Squirrel family. Comes in a set with a bottle and cot. A set of figurines including the Chocolate Rabbit father, mother, sister and brother.