Protimeter Mini General Purpose Moisture Meter

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  • Easy to use, precision moisture meter with built-in pin probes, designed for general purpose moisture measuring
  • Clear and simple colour-coded LED display
  • Display shows moisture content and classification, dry (green), borderline (yellow), or damp (red)
  • Includes calibration device for checking correct functionality of instrument
  • Supplied with extension pin probe, allowing use in awkward positions

Product description

Product Description

The Protimeter Mini is a precision, digital moisture meter, designed for a wide range of general purpose moisture detection applications. Compact and easy to use, this robust instrument has built-in pin probes and is ideally suited for making quick assessments of the moisture condition on construction sites, for a range of building materials, including timber, masonry, drywall, plaster, concrete, etc. The Protimeter Mini is also widely used for quality control applications, such as monitoring wood products during manufacture and for storage environments. The instrument’s measuring pins are small with a fine point, which means measurements can be taken at the surface leaving virtually no mark. The Protimeter Mini has a simple, yet effective, colour-coded display, enabling the user to assess the moisture level at a glance, green (dry), yellow (borderline), red (wet). The numerical values on the display represent the actual percentage moisture content of wood (% MC) and the wood moisture equivalent (WME) of concrete, drywall and other materials. When taking moisture readings in awkward positions, the Mini can be used with the moisture probe extension lead (supplied with the instrument), which simply connects into the socket on the side of the instrument. Also included is a pouch (with belt loop), a calibration check device, allowing the user to check that the instrument is correctly calibrated, a spare set of pins and a battery. The Protimeter Mini has a 2 year warranty. With its compact design, versatility and ease of use, the Protimeter Mini has become the preferred choice for thousands of users across the world for more than 30 years. These users include building surveyors and contractors, estate agents, home inspectors, flooring contractors, manufacturers of wooden products, in fact anyone who has a requirement to check moisture or damp levels.

Box Contains

1 x Protimeter Mini instrument
1 x Pouch with belt loop
1 x Extension pin probe
1 x Calibration check device
1 x Wood calibration chart
1 x Spare set of probe pins
1 x Battery 9v
1 x User Instructions

Dimensions: 19.2 x 10.2 x 4.4 cm; 260 Grams
Model: Protimeter Mini
Manufacture: GE Sensing