Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier with Digital Humidity Display, Sleep Mode, Continuous Drainage, Laundry Drying and 24 Hour Timer – Ideal for Damp and Condensation

SALE PRICE: £149.99

  • 12 Litres per day: Removes up to 12 Litres of water per day with low energy consumption. Ideal for damp, mould and moisture in homes, basements and bathrooms suffering from damp and humid conditions
  • Large Water Tank: 1.8L water tank automatically shuts off when full, with a continuous drainage hose included for long-term use and 4 wheels for easy portability between rooms
  • Digital Led Display: Digital LED screen displays current room humidity level and allows you to control 3 dehumidification modes including auto, continuous, and sleep mode
  • Automatic Humidity Sensor: The built-in humidity sensor allows you to set your desired room humidity between 30%-80%. Once this level is reached, the unit will turn off to conserve energy
  • 24 Hour Timer: A built-in timer allows you to schedule the dehumidifier to turn on or off during the day and night
First Available: 13 July 2017
Weight: 9.5 Kg
Dimensions: 49.5 x 28.5 x 24 cm
Colour: White