Leaf Design UK Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree Plant Black Plastic Pot, Green, 90cm

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SALE PRICE: £37.99
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About this item

  • Available in several sizes
  • Stems are wired so this can be arranged to fit your space perfectly
  • It is highly realistic with botanically accurate foliage
  • It comes potted in a plain plastic pot and is ready to display. You can easily put this inside a larger planter if you wish. Any decorative planters shown are for illustration only and are not included
  • High grade artificial plant by Leaf design UK
Weight: 3.12 kg
Dimensions: 88.65 x 17.53 x 17.02 cm; 3.12 Kilograms
Brand: Leaf
Model: LEAF-7147
Colour: Green
Colour: Green

From the manufacturer

Leaf Design UK Artificial Plants & Trees

Leaf Design UK Plants & Trees

At Leaf we love artificial plants and trees. Our passion translates into fantastically realistic great quality products many of which are designed in the UK. We also have a range of products produced at our Lincolnshire workshops.

Leaf Design UK

artificial tree

Leaf Design UK

artificial plant

Realistic Trees

Image kindly supplied by Jenny – one of our happy customers showing off her mango tree.

Leaf Design UK

UK based company supplying realistic plants and trees.

Realistic Plants & High Quality Planters

We also have a range of specialist planters suitable for both our plants and real ones.

An artificial LEAF bonsai tree in Maple design

How do I know what size plant I need for my space?

All our plants are measured at their highest points from the base of the plant pot to the highest leaf. The actual height will vary depending on how you arrange it. An additional helpful tip when you are measuring for outdoor artificial topiaries is that additional height can be added by purchasing a larger planter then standing the plant on bricks inside it before covering with gravel or similar. Examples of this can be seen in our photographs on our topiary pages.

One of our plants inside a decorative silver planter

How can I make my artificial plant or tree look real?

Our plants are high grade and ultra-realistic but the key to making them look absolutely real is to spend some time dressing out the leaves and checking the plant from all angles if you have purchased one of our wired plants;

  • Unpack the plant and stand it on a flat surface, removing outer packaging
  • Starting at the bottom, carefully fold out the leaves. It can help to look at our pictures or a photograph of the real type of plant you have purchased to get an idea of how the leaves should sit
  • To get a natural curve on the leaves carefully hold the tip in one hand and the stem in the other and run you hand along the curve to bend it gently into shape
  • Look at the plant from all angles making sure there are no gaps and your plant is well dressed out and ready to pot
  • Put the plant inside a larger planter. You can stand it on bricks to raise the height inside
  • Cover the base of the pot with a layer of gravel or soil

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Large Japanese trees

Image supplied by one of our customers showing a Japanese Fruticosa tree in their dining room.

Olive and Exotic Trees

Image supplied by one of our customers who created a Mediterranean themed garden with some of our olive trees.

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Image supplied by one of our customers showing a bushy ficus tree arranged in a hallway.

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Image supplied by one of our customers showing their new cedar trees outside a front door.