Blagdon Pond Balance, Clears Blanketweed & Algae, Encourages Plant Growth, L, 1.56kg, Treats 13,638L of Pond Water

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About this item

  • Pond Balance safely and gradually adjusts the pond water chemistry to achieve a balance which effectively clears blanket weed
  • For long-term effectiveness Pond Balance usage should begin from early Spring and continue regularly throughout the warmer months
  • This treatment should begin with a repeated dose every 10 days for the first month, once a month thereafter, more frequently if required
  • Safe for use with all species of pond fish, harmless to filters and plants, harmless to newts, frogs, toads and other pond wildlife
  • Suitable for use in all planted ponds, wildlife ponds, Koi ponds. Encourages pond plant growth
Dimensions: 19.05 x 13.72 x 9.14 cm; 1.56 Kilograms
Model: 2717
Part: 2717
Manufacture: Blagdon

From the manufacturer

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Instructions for use

Pond Balance is suitable for use in all ponds: planted ponds, wildlife ponds and Koi ponds.

Calculate the volume of water in your pond.

To a bucket of warm water add one level measure (13-15g) of Pond Balance for every 360 litres (80 gals) of water in your pond e.g. for a pond volume of 1800 litres, add 5 level measures to the bucket. Stir well and allow to dissolve.

Distribute the solution as evenly as possible over the surface of the pond. (After dosing, the pond may appear milky, the cloudiness will disappear within a few days. This is most likely in hard water areas.)

Repeat the Pond Balance dosage every ten days for one month. This is a typical course of treatment, which normally results in a significant reduction of the quantity of blanket weed in your pond. However, as a result of the variation in the constituents of pond water from area to area, it may be necessary to carry out the corrective treatment for a longer period.

Once you have established a balance which has reduced the blanket weed growth to an acceptable level, it is advisable to treat with Pond Balance once every month through the summer period to assist in maintaining this delicate balance.

More information

  • Suitable for use in all ponds: planted ponds, wildlife ponds, Koi ponds.
  • Clears blanket weed.
  • Safe for use with all species of pond fish.
  • Harmless to filters and plants.
  • Harmless to newts, frogs, toads and other pond wildlife.