Nuby Baby Bottle Steriliser and Dryer, Electric Steam Steriliser, White, Kills 99.9% of Germs

Nuby Baby Bottle Steriliser and Dryer

RRP PRICE: £55.00
SALE PRICE: £49.99
YOU SAVE: £5.01

  • MULTI-SETTING – Stylish Baby Bottle Steriliser & Dryer with 3 settings; sterilise, quick dry, super dry.
  • ULTRA-HYGEINIC – Kills 99.9% of germs using natural steam sterilisation
  • 24-HOUR PROTECTION – Handily keeps baby bottles and other feeding accessories sterile for 24 hours if lid is unopened.
  • LARGE CAPACITY – Holds up to 5 baby bottles to fit comfortably and compatible with all bottle types
  • NOT JUST BOTTLES – The steriliser can also be used to safely sterilise breast pumps, dummies & other feeding accessories

Product description


Product Description

While you’re busy taking care of your newborn, this Baby Bottle Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer is one of those little helpers you probably never thought you’d need, but one we’re sure you won’t want to be without. Our innovative, ultra-hygienic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer sterilises and dries so you can have ready-to-use bottles in a flash. Just pick from 3 cycles: sterilising in 5 mins, sterilising & quick drying in 15 mins or sterilising & super drying in 30 mins. It is totally up to you which cycle you want to use but whichever you choose, it’s likely to make your life a whole lot easier with a simple flip of the switch. Using natural steam sterilisation, this steriliser kills 99.9% of germs & can keep bottles & other feeding accessories sterile for 24 hours, providing the lid is kept closed. It doesn’t matter what bottles you use either, there’s room for 5 to fit comfortably. You can even sterilise breast pumps, dummies & other accessories inside. Worried about space? The steriliser doesn’t take up much room & looks stylish in your kitchen too. Now all you need to do is add water, plug it in, load it up, switch to the cycle you want and you’re less manual task to do & saves precious time so you have more time with your baby #winning!

Box Contains

1 x White Steriliser Dryer

Weight: 1.75 kg
Dimensions: 29.5 x 18 x 33.5 cm; 1.75 Kilograms
Model: 99050
Batteries Required: No

From the manufacturer

Steriliser and dryer

Eradicates 99.9% of germs

While you're busy taking care of your newborn, the Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer is one of those little helpers you probably never thought you'd need but one we're sure you won't be shoo-ing away any time soon. As it sterilises AND dries your babies bottles, the all on one steriliser is all you need!

Using a natural steam sterilisation process, Nuby's Steriliser and Drier eradicates 99.9% of bacteria. You aren't limited to just sterilising bottles either – Pop in your breast pump parts, your little one's dummies and other feeding accessories, and let the steriliser do it's job!

steriliser dryer

Room for up to 5 bottles – and you can sterilise feeding accessories too!

Not only is there room for up to 5 bottles in the steriliser, all bottle types are suitable. From baby bottles, to weaning cups and beakers – they can all be sterilised and dried effectively. The steriliser is very simple to use, just turn on the power using the switch on the underside, and start your sterilising!

Bottle Steriliser

Bottle Sterilise

Bottle Steriliser

Sterilise – 5 minutes

In just 5 minutes, the Steriliser Dryer will sterilise your baby bottles ready for them to be used. The product can be used as a sterilise environment for up to 24 hours, keeping the bottles safe and clean.

Sterilise and Quick Dry – 15 minutes

The steriliser will sterilise and quickly dry your bottles in just 15 minutes. Perfect if you are pushed for time but need the bottles drying off!

Sterilising and Super Drying – 30 minutes

In just 30 minutes, the Nuby Steriliser Dryer will steriliser, eradicating 99.99% of bacteria, and thoroughly dry your baby's bottles. Leaving you nothing left to do but fill up the bottles, and feed your hungry little one!

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