Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads, 56 Pads, Pack of 4

Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads

RRP PRICE: £51.49
SALE PRICE: £35.52
YOU SAVE: £15.97

  • More Absorbent – Simple Solution large multi-pack (4 x 56 packs)Dog and Puppy Training Pads are here to make house training your puppy and living with incontinent dogs easier
  • Leak Protection – These house training pads are 23 x 24 Inches, with 6 x layer construction that guarantees leak protection
  • Technology – Only Simple Solution pads come with InstaShield Technology, which allows these dog pads to contain up to 6 cups of liquid while neutralizing unpleasant odour
  • Working smarter – The 3-in-1 attractant works in a systematic way to entice your dog to approach the pad, engage with the pad, and finally (and more importantly to you)
  • Know at a glance – When the pad turns teal, you know it’s time to change the pad, the wetness indicator does the work and keeps you in the know
  • They are 100 Percent more absorbent than the standard economy pads
  • Tiny dogs can make repeat visits, and very large dogs will be able to make one pit stop without worry
  • Protect your floors and your sense of smell

Product description

Size Name:224 Pack |  Style Name:Puppy Training Pads

Product Description

Simple Solution Original Training Pads are an ideal way to potty train your puppy. These training pads are incredibly absorbent and hold ten times the fluid than standard pads. The centre is particularly absorbent to draw the liquid away from the bottom and prevent liquids from bleeding through the pad and leaving a trail beneath the pad. The pad is constructed with 6 layers to ensure that your floor stays dry and free of stains. The pad is also designed to eliminate odour, making it an excellent choice either for dogs or for your cat’s litter box. The pads measure 23 x 24 Inches and this pack comes with 224 (4 x 56pack) training pads to ensure that your pet’s needs are met. The pads have a powerful attractant to encourage pets to use the pad and reinforce natural instincts. Lastly, to completely prevent odour and leakage, the pads are built with a polymer that converts fluids into a gel. Order the Simple Solution Training Pads for your pet today . Usage – Place on floor, plastic side down and tissue side up Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing her to smell the special 3-In-1 Attractant and give her a familiar co mm and to encourage use If she doesnt relieve herself immediately, take her back several times until she is successful When she relieves herself on the pad, reward her with a treat or enthusiastic praise Replace as needed

Box Contains

224 x Simple Solution Pads (4 x 56 Pack)


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