Mymy City-Holiday House Furnished Dollhouse for Boys and Girls Ages 3 Years (Famosa 700015599), Color/Model Assortment

Mymy City-Holiday House Furnished Dollhouse for Boys and Girls Ages 3 Years (Famosa 700015599)

SALE PRICE: £50.94

  • Mymy holiday house is the most modern home in mymy city to spend the holidays; it has many surprises, you can customize it as you like, and includes more than 20 different accessories; the pool is transparent and is on the second floor, the bed has a secret hiding, the stairs are a rock tree, and the armchair is transformed into a pendant to enjoy the garden; it includes an orchard with ingredients and all the accessories you need to make a BBQ with all neighbors
  • Includes more than 20 different accessories, such as different furniture to decorate the house, barbecue accessories (with barbecue, plates, glasses, a fridge and a food serving tray), a table with chairs for the garden, an orchard with interchangeable plants, a mailbox with door that opens
  • Includes cartons and stickers to customize your home decor.
  • All accessories can be used by the characters in the collection; not including figurines, sold separately
  • Helps develop your sociability, imagination and manual skills

Product description

Mymy holiday house is already here. The holiday home to go on vacation anywhere in the city; it has more than 20 accessories and 3 different rooms: kitchen, bedroom and bathroom that you can customize as you like, and have seen the garden? You can make your own barbecues and ingredients from your garden. Besides, it’s full of surprises: the stairs are a rockdrome, has an armchair that you can hang and make a hanging chair, the bed has a secret hideout, and the transparent pool is on the second floor to enjoy the most incredible views, plus you have everything you need to invite all the neighbors to the terrace and organize together a barbecue with the ingredients of your own garden.


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