MoniMoto – Smart Motorcycle GPS Alarm – Suitable for Scooters, Quad Bikes, Snowmobiles – DIY Installing, No Wiring Required

MoniMoto - Smart Motorcycle GPS Alarm - Suitable for Scooters

SALE PRICE: £144.90

  • Calls phone in 1 minute if movement is detected. – GPS tracking via mobile app.
  • International SIM card for all EU territories and some other countries.
  • Compact battery powered device. No wiring thus no installation costs.
  • MONIMOTO requires active SIM card with GSM connection. MONIMOTO package comes with a pre-installed SIM card with activated GSM roaming services plan. First 2 months GSM Roaming service in all EU countries is free of charge. Later, 3 EUR/month only!
  • Auto-arming – no action is required to arm and disarm the device.

Product description

Size Name:MM1 – EU

MONIMOTO increases chances of theft prevention or vehicle recovery due to prompt alarm call combined with vehicle location detection and reporting via app

MONIMOTO offers a significant advantage over standard GPS trackers in quickness of the alarm event response by the user. Conventional GPS trackers are not equipped to make an alarm call and are limited to SMS/email/push notification reporting only!

MONIMOTO provides an additional means to recover a stolen vehicle in case of theft. According to statistics most of the standard locks fail to prevent thefts effectively.

MONIMOTO offers significant savings advantage in cost of ownership when compared to. professionally installed systems, which are expensive and require maintenance.

MONIMOTO is a portable system, which can be easily transferred between different vehicles once you buy a new motorcycle. Professional systems will require a new purchase and installation.

MONIMOTO can be easily shared among few vehicle owners without removing it from the vehicle, as long as each driver has a separate KEY and MONIMOTO app configured on their phone.

One user can have any number of MONIMOTO devices paired with their phone. This is useful when you have more than one vehicle or want to protect multiple portable assets.

Batteries Required: MM3

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