Hiplok ORIGINAL Wearable Chain Bicycle Lock

Hiplok ORIGINAL Wearable Chain Bicycle Lock

RRP PRICE: £69.99
SALE PRICE: £54.48
YOU SAVE: £15.51

  • DESCRIPTION: Wearable chain lock with adjustable belt fastening.
  • FEATURES: Never locked while worn. Removable washable sleeve. Reflective option.
  • Steel – 70% Brass – 5% Polyester – 10% Nylon – 15%
  • V1.5
  • V150SB
  • WEIGHT: 1950 grams.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: High Risk. Silver Sold Secure Rating.
  • SPECIFICATION: 10mm hardenedsteel shackle. 8mm hardened steel chain. 3 keys.LOCKING SIZE: 85cm Locking diameter.

Product description

The first bicycle lock developed specifically to be worn around the waist, the Hiplok’s integrated and fully adjustable belt fixing allows the rider to tighten the lock around the waist without actually locking the device, offering a level of portability, comfort and versatility never seen before.

SKU: B016186ETA

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