Bushnell Natureview Low Glow Essential HD Camera

Bushnell Natureview Low Glow Essential HD Camera

SALE PRICE: £182.99

  • Fast response time: 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Multi-image mode: 1-3 images per trigger
  • Long lasting: True one-year battery life for all season observation
  • Long range: PIR Sensor is motion activated out to 80 feet
  • Never miss a moment- 24 Hour/Day/Night mode

Product description

The Voyager Sky Tour Reflector Telescope is a ideal choice for a first-time telescope owner or for anyone with inquisitive eyes and ears. The Voyager Sky Tour series gives amateur stargazers an audio tour of the night sky. The Sky Tour handset provides real-time audio touring of the night sky with adjustable volume and choice of language. The talking handsets are a great way to learn the mapping of the universe. While the voice highlights your choice of constellations, planets, mythology or wondrous facts in English, Spanish or French, the telescope’s Illuminated Smart Mount lights up and slews the telescope to the celestial object referenced by the handset. The objects are highlighted by the handset in a backlit LED display. The handset allows precise left to right and up and down motion control along with illuminated dials for navigating the night sky. Finding your celestial target is easy with the LED finderscope. There are three eyepieces, a Barlow lens, a lens tray in the tripod and preassembled construction. Reflectors feature larger apertures for a wide range of viewing options at an affordable price. Designed with the eyepiece located at the top of the tube, reflectors are more comfortable to use for viewing night sky objects such as nebulae, the moon, planets and galaxies. Reflectors tend to be heavier and larger than refractors.

Batteries Required: 3 July 2015

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