Bex Ladder Garden Game – Wooden

Bex Ladder Garden Game - Wooden

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  • High quality wooden spin ladder game made from rubber wood with lacquered finish

Product description

Product Description

Garden game, played by 2 players or teams. Aim to throw spin balls onto the ladder

Manufacturer’s Description

Fun Spin ball ladder game. Spin-balls should be thrown from about 5m from ladder. Each round consists of all players tossing 3 spin-balls must be tossed separately and are allowed to bounce off the ground. The winner of the round starts the next round. First to get exactly 21 points wins!  If you go over the exact 21 points, the points for that round do not count

Box Contains

1 ladder, 2 sets of balls (3 red and 3 blue), multi ligual rules

First Available: 31 Aug. 2010
Weight: 3 Kilograms
Length: 95 centimetres
Height: 15 centimetres
Size: 56.5 x 93 x 65
Dimensions: 57 x 65 x 93 cm ; 998 g
Brand: BEX
Model No: 519-020
Batteries Included: No

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