BESTOYARD Rainbow Kite for Kids and Adults Easy Flyer Kite for Outdoor Games Activities with String

BESTOYARD Rainbow Kite for Kids and Adults Easy Flyer Kite for Outdoor Games Activities with String

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  • RAINBOW KITE IS A CLASSIC FORM OF OUTDOOR FUN FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS. It’s a great way to get the kids outside with other children or with the whole family.
  • A BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE DESIGN.Measures 47″ By 24″, and comes with three different length and design tails (random colors) for different flight characteristics. You’ll love seeing the beautiful colors of this kite against the sky!
  • EASY TO FLY AND HANDLE. Detailed instructions are included. All you have to do is choose a day with the right weather and find a good location. With a little practice your kite will be soaring in the air!
  • HIGH-QUALITY RAINBOW KITE MADE FROM MODERN MATERIALS. This kite uses nylon fabric with triple-stitching and a fiberglass frame. These strong and lightweight materials make the kite fly more easily and last longer.
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL TOY. With this rainbow kite, you and your kids will have fun outdoors. Learning how to assemble and fly a kite will help your kids develop strength, coordination, motor skills and critical thinking skills.

Product description

Tired of electronics and sit on a sofa? Wanna go out for sharing time with kids?Then order our rainbow kite and plan your first excursion for next weekend. Just take your the kids for a picnic after an exciting and happy activity with the kite.
Worry about kites could not fly or lasts too short?Then order our kite which not only with detailed instructions but also a special design for flying easily. Just practice it with few minutes, then enjoy your memorable time with children. After all, the kids grow up so fast..

This BESTOYARD kite is beautiful, tough, and easy to fly.
Made with triple-stitched nylon fabric and a fiberglass frame, it’s both lighter and stronger than kites made from traditional materials.
It comes with 100 yards of kite string, so if the wind is right you’ll be able to get this kite way up there with the soaring birds.

So get your kids — and yourself — outdoors and in the fresh air, enjoying the ancient art of kite-flying and creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime.
Package includes:
1x Rainbow Kite
3x Kite Tails (3 feet and 5 feet long)
1x Spool of String, about 100 yards(meters)
1x Carrier Bag


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